Courier jobs

freedom, flexibility and great rates

What you'll need to get on the road...

  • - Your National Insurance Number
  • - Your Passport / documents to prove your entitlement to work in your location
  • - Your Driving Licence (if applicable)
  • - Images of the vehicle you will be using (if you are using a motorised vehicle, you will need your vehicle insurance documents with a minimum of SPD Cover for cars and Hire and Reward Cover for vans and motorcycles)
  • - A mobile phone using Android (6 or above) or an iPhone using iOS (11 or above)

Please note: to apply for car driver SDP top-up insurance you must have held your licence for a minimum of 2 years' and your vehicle must be less than 10 years' old.​

Why choose to work with us?

  • - Access to +35,000 jobs worldwide everyday
  • - Weekly payments that go straight into your bank account
  • - Competitive earnings across a range of work
  • - Suitable for a variety of different vehicle types
  • - Quick apply and easy sign-up

We are growing faster than ever before and have one of the busiest courier circuits, so it has never been a better time to sign-up to work with us. Browse the latest courier work opportunities below.

Our available courier opportunities

City courier
Local courier
National courier
Student jobs

City courier

With the busiest courier circuit in many cities it's the perfect time to join our team. Click view more below to apply today!

Local courier

Jump in your car and make local deliveries in your community. Work as few or as many hours as you like to fit your schedule, whether that’s in between the school run or a few hours on the weekend.

National courier

Join our growing national fleet as a pushbike, motorbike or van courier. Work is varied as we support a huge number of businesses across many countries.

Student jobs

Calling all students who want to earn some extra cash! Do you own your own vehicle and have a valid driving licence? We want you.

Help and support for existing and new couriers

If you are currently working with Lenox Express and have any questions at all, please get in touch with our centralised courier escalations team by clicking below.


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Day to day

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The brilliant team at Lenox Express has been one of the main reasons I enjoy the work I do so much. We drivers have a great rapport with them and the banter on the radio often makes me smile.
Being a self-employed courier is great! I have been working with Lenox Express since 2006 carrying out many different types of deliveries across the globe. I enjoy the variation and not having to do the same thing each day!
National Courier
I enjoy being a courier at Lenox Express because of the flexibility it gives me with my hours. Having the choice of when I would like to work and how many hours per day is great - I would certainly recommend it!
Local Courier

We want you

If you are looking for the freedom of being your own boss while earning great rates and with the support of a friendly local team, apply today!